rani tool corp.

Rani Tool Corp.

The “SANDWICH” CBN inserts are offered in the largest selection of stocked edge preps on the market. This range of 8 different edge preps will allow complete optimization to fully suit your application needs.

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worldia - professional customized pcd special reamer

Worldia - Professional Customized PCD special reamer

PD01E fine grain size PCD material(1μm) is suitble for finishing applications.Its high impart resistance and high abrasive resistance are no less than that of rough grade of PCD. PD01E has excellent chip resistance is suitable for the roughing and interrupt cutting aluminium alloys.This grade is also commonly used for non-ferrous finishing applications.Other successful applications include machining of wood,MDF.

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horn cutting tools – pes media

Horn Cutting Tools – PES Media

A new insert geometry for grooving and parting off titanium has been introduced by German tool manufacturer, Horn. It ensures reliable chip breaking and a soft cut, leading to high… 1 month ago Michael Tyrrell

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cbn coatings on cutting tools

CBN coatings on Cutting Tools

tool and high temperatures lead to oxidation or diffusion. Increasing feed induces higher mechanical stresses on the tool. The variables used in fig. 3 define the failure limits at continuous cutting conditions, represented in the failure mode diagram, for the machining of 34 CrNiMo 6 with cBN-coated tools.

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p a ˇ n

P a ˇ N

The use of CBN sintered body tools is expanding to meet the needs for high-speed and high-accuracy cutting, es-pecially for cast iron and ferrous powder metal alloys, which are significantly susceptive to thermal shock fractures and abrasive wear compared to hardened steel. To improve the performance of CBN sintered body tools, it is essential to in-

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topgroove - tyson tool company limited

TopGroove - Tyson Tool Company Limited

Groove depth, width and profile. TopGroove is the best choice for groovedepth-to-width ratios of 1.5 or less. 5.) Select grade and speed SFM (m/min): 4.) Select Chipbreaker style and feed rate in/rev (mm/min) Inside Diameter (ID) Grooving Outside Diameter (OD) Grooving Face Grooving 2.) Indentify the material to be machined Each tool has a material grid

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worldia - pcd slot milling cutter - worldia-tools.com

Worldia - PCD slot milling cutter - worldia-tools.com

Worldia PCD slot milling cutter are designed and manufactured by the most qualified tooling engineers and technicians.Worldia offers a complete high performance PCD tool range for high prcision machining of these components.It also contains a vibration-dampened tool shank available in various lengths.

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cnc machine tools on expo21xx

CNC Machine Tools on EXPO21XX

ZECHA has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools for over half a century. ZECHA supplies high-performance-tools for cutting from 0.03mm as well as blanking and forming tools.

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