diamond turning inserts - grainger industrial supply

Diamond Turning Inserts - Grainger Industrial Supply

Diamond Turning Inserts. A carbide turning insert from Grainger can present fresh cutting edges when one becomes dull without tool grinding, setup changes or entering new values into a computer numerical control program. Use carbide inserts with single-point cutting tools to help complete applications from roughing to fine-finishing cuts.

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diamond tipped tools - cbn | pcbn | cvd | diamond inserts

Diamond Tipped Tools - CBN | PCBN | CVD | Diamond Inserts

Slugger Diamond CBN Solid Inserts for Hard Turning And Milling ... Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Inserts Cutting Tools are used for hard machining applications. you can use PCBN tools if the material of your application is Alloy Steel,Tool Steel,Bearing Steel,Carbon Steel,Gray Cast Iron,Nodular Iron,White/Chilled Iron,Powdered Metal ...

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diamond / cbn turning tools


This high performance cutting material is the second hardest material after the diamond; it develops from polycrystalline cubic boron nitride on a carbide carrier base. CBN was developed for fine machining tempered steel materials (45-68 HRC) that cannot be machined using diamond or PCD.

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diamond tipped indexable – scientific cutting tools, inc.

Diamond Tipped Indexable – Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) CBN is excellent for the continuous cutting of a wide range of hardened steels, powdered metals, cast irons and super alloys. CBN tipped product are precision ground with hones for matching to sub-micron finishes with maximum tool life. CBN tipped tools and inserts can take the place of grinding.

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cnc diamond inserts| 20 years experiences| get free ... - cbn

CNC Diamond inserts| 20 years experiences| get free ... - CBN

Diamond tools have wide usage in various industry. in cnc machining, we are using diamond inserts for replacing tranditional inserts. (such as carbide and caoted inserts) Slugger CNC E6 PCD thread cutting tool. Slugger E6 Imported Material CCGW PCD Inserts. Slugger E6 Material DCGW PCD Turning Inserts. Slugger E6 Material DCGT Type PCD Diamond Inserts.

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j & m diamond tool: hard turning solutions with cbn

J & M Diamond Tool: Hard Turning Solutions with CBN

CBN tools permit metal cutting at feeds and speeds much higher than with conventional cutting tool materials. CBN tools also turn, bore and face hard materials, which otherwise can be formed only by grinding. Because CBN tools maintain a sharp cutting edge, surface finishes are excellent, close tolerances are easy to maintain, and dramatic productivity increases can be expected.

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diamond segment-changsha 3 better ultra-hard materials co ...

diamond segment-Changsha 3 Better Ultra-hard Materials CO ...

The segment formula is different according to their different usages. When diamond segment is sharpness and high cutting efficient, the flexure strength of diamond grain is down, so use life is reduced; on the contrary, if adding the segment durability, then it will be blunt, then work efficient will be down. Feature:

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diamond insert tooling - practical machinist

diamond insert tooling - Practical Machinist

PCD inserts cost between 75-125 dollars, and last 50-100 times as long as carbide inserts. Monocrystalline inserts (single point diamond turning, or SPDT, tools), being 700 dollars, are used for specific machines and processes. You can outright say you do not have these, and probably will never see a shop using one.

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