cbn inserts | north american carbide

CBN Inserts | North American Carbide

Cubic Boron Nitride Inserts CBN is an artificially synthesized material exceeded in hardness only by diamond, while still offering superior wear resistance to Carbide in certain applications. North American Carbide offers over 20 grades of CBN, allowing us to find the perfect choice based on your application.

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ceramic carbide inserts |

Ceramic Carbide Inserts |

Cermet is comprised of ceramic and metal and can be used at higher speeds than coated carbides. It is commonly used on cast iron, steel, stainless steel and nonferrous materials. Insert Style CCGT Insert Size 09T302 Material Cermet Length (mm) 9.67 Inscribed Circle (Decimal Inch) 0.3750 Inscribed Circle (Inch) 3/8 Thickness (Inch) 5/32 Thickness (Decimal Inch) 0.1563 Corner Radius (Decimal ...

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ceramic inserts | carbide & diamond tooling

Ceramic Inserts | Carbide & Diamond Tooling

Ceramic Inserts CDTooling is a dynamic full-line supplier of precision carbide metalworking tools, supplying a wide range of Ceramic and Cermet inserts , cutting tools. Products (Total Items: 2)

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pcd vs cbn vs cermet - practical machinist

PCD vs CBN vs CERMET - Practical Machinist

When a coating is applied (to any insert, not only to cermets) the cutting edge/chipbreaker then become whatever the coating is, and the cermet serves only as the supportive substrate. Coatings have done for cermets what they've done for carbide inserts - higher speeds, faster feeds, much greater heat resistance (to avoid plastic deformation), etc.

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cbn inserts - kyocera unimerco


CBN ensures stable machining. CBN (cubic boron nitride) is second only to diamond in hardness. CBN is a synthetically produced material for stable machining due to high thermal conductivity. Features of CBN. High hardness results in superior wear resistance and long tool life. High-speed cutting is applicable to heat-treated steel and cast iron.

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cermet inserts - kyocera unimerco

Cermet inserts - KYOCERA UNIMERCO

Cermet inserts Kyocera cermet is a composite material that combines ceramic and metallic materials. The metal is used as a binder for carbide. Typically, metals such as nickel and cobalt are used.

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