diamond wire rope for demoltion & concrete cutting | wirecom

Diamond Wire Rope for Demoltion & Concrete Cutting | WireCom

Now and in more recent years, concrete companies have been using smoother-shaped pebble which is less abrasive on diamond wire. However, most demolition projects are bridges, stadiums, and dams build prior to 1960, which requires a strong, sturdy, well-performing diamond wire to cut its hard and sharp concrete and steel.

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abrasive cutting wire - foam cutting equipment

Abrasive Cutting Wire - Foam Cutting Equipment

Abrasive Cutting Wires. ESCO Wires are available for every abrasive wire machine we manufacture. Available in 6 different styles suitable for whatever foam type you are cutting. We've spent the last decade working with abrasive wire manufacturers to bring you the highest-quality cutting wires for your ESCO machinery.

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china abrasive cutting wire, abrasive cutting wire ...

China Abrasive Cutting Wire, Abrasive Cutting Wire ...

If you are looking for Abrasive Cutting Wire for sale, check out the above products choices that you can't miss along with other options such as wire saw, diamond wire saw, diamond wire. Find out what's trending and get fast access to industry content all in one location. Inquire & Get Quotation Now!

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cutting concrete | norton abrasives

Cutting Concrete | Norton Abrasives

Diamond blades will help you finish the job in about half the time. They are rimmed with a diamond section mounted on a steel core; so, the wheel diameter can only wear to the rim diameter, allowing a constant depth of cut through the life of the blade. You’ll spend less time replacing blades and will get more use with their longer shelf life. 2

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underwater — cutting edge services

Underwater — Cutting Edge Services

CEO and President Tim Beckman helped pioneer the first-ever construction diamond wire sawing business for North America in 1983. Cutting Edge also offers robotic demolition, hydraulic splitting, diamond blade sawing and specialized super-abrasive cutting of steel.

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wire saws - hilti usa

Wire Saws - Hilti USA

Whatever the application, optimize performance with your choice of Hilti diamond wire constructions and bead diameters. These diamond-infused abrasive wires enable Hilti wire saws to slice through tough materials with speed and precision, including wet-cutting productivity at up to 115' per second.

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