hard part turning with cbn - sandvik coromant

Hard part turning with CBN - Sandvik Coromant

A CBN insert can withstand the high cutting temperatures and forces and still retain its cutting edge. This is why CBN delivers long, consistent tool life and produces components with excellent surface finish. Sandvik Coromant offers a comprehensive program of unique CBN products for finish turning of case hardened steels.

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1. The hardness of the CBN insert ≥ Hardness of the part x 3 Ex. Hardened steel part at 60 HrC 700 Hv So the CBN insert is 3300 Hv 2. The effect of CBN grain size on the surface finish and cutting speed. Fine grained CBN— provides a sharp cutting edge and good surface finish Rough grained CBN— particles hold firmly allowing

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cbn inserts - kyocera unimerco


CBN is a synthetically produced material for stable machining due to high thermal conductivity. Features of CBN. High hardness results in superior wear resistance and long tool life. High-speed cutting is applicable to heat-treated steel and cast iron. Heat conductivity is good, and prompt heat evacuation and stable cutting are possible.

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cbn insert - a.m tech - cutting tools manufacturer based ...

CBN Insert - A.M TECH - Cutting tools manufacturer based ...

1. What is CBN? 2. Feature of PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) 3. The hardness and ware resistance contrast of main cutting tool material. 4. The main types of AMT CBN cutting tools and chip breaker and coating. 5. The grades and application 6. AMT innovative CBN inserts cutting edge express 7. AMT CBN insert […]

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pcd/cbn cutting tool inserts page 1 | vr/wesson

PCD/CBN Cutting Tool Inserts Page 1 | VR/Wesson

cutting tools ccgw-21.50, ccgw-21.51, ccgw-21.52, ccgw-32.50, ccgw-32.51, ccgw-32.52, cde-322-r07, cnga-431, cnga-432, cnga-433

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free sample of cbn inserts,pcbn insert for trial

Free Sample Of CBN Inserts,PCBN Insert For Trial

6.The cutting/turning speed: V=? m/min or tell us the workpiece diameter and the rotary speed 7.The amount of feed/feed motion :f=? mm/r 8.Penetration of a tool/cutting depth: AP=?mm 9.Is the cutting process adding coolant or dry cutting ? 10.Do you need chamfer or honing, like SNGN 120408 T 0.2×20° or S 0.15×20°

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