The characteristics of diamond abrasives is high hardness and compressive strength, good abrasive resistance, makes the grinding covers become the ideal tools for grinding hard and brittle materials and hard alloy in grinding process. It is widely used in metal and non-metal materials, such as cemented carbide, high aluminium porcelain, optical glasses, onyx stones, semiconductor materials and stone materials etc..

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel has the characteristics of large abrasive concentration of the working layer, high blade, strong holding force, therefore this product has the following features:high processing efficiency, good wear resistance, good shape retentivity,etc..

It not only can make common shape, but especially appropriate for into special complicated shapes, ultra-thin, extra small, geometry and higher size accuracy requirements for all kinds of special sophisticated molded surface grinding wheel. which has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, hydraumatic bearings, mould, magnetic material, glass and other industries.

Metal bond diamond grinding wheel

Metal bond diamond grinding wheel used in automobile side window , around windshield. It has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, long service life, good shape retentivity.

Suitable for the normalization of automobile glass and standardized production.

Resin bond diamond & CBN grinding wheel

1、Good self sharpness.

2、Sarp cutting.

3、High grinding efficiency.

4、Easy to trim.

5、Great surface finish for processing workpieces.

It is widely used in accurately grinding ceramic, glass, cemented carbide, hard alloy steel, etc..

Vitrified bond diamond & CBN grinding wheel

Vitrified bond diamond & CBN grinding wheel with high efficiency, long life, easy shaping.

It is widely used in grinding PCD, PCBN, tungsten carbide, wearable alloy steel,etc.. Our products have the unique features, especially in high precision, high finish grinding.


Shape number Sectional drawing Specification

(Outer diameter)




(Pore size)

6A2 305 50 80
355 50 50
400 50 160
455 50 50
500 63 63
710 54 300

Remarks: We also offer customer-specific segment geometries, catering for every tooling concept and application.

Machining process: Rough and precision grinding

Main character: Stable quality, high efficiency, long usage life, good shape retention.