The diamond saw blades are used to the cutting of cast iron, angle steel, rectangle steel, round steel, steel pipe, rebar; fiber glass, concrete, brick and etc.



     Metric system(mm)                        British system(inch)


UHD-S400T 400*2.5*32 16″x.134×1 4,300
UHD-S400 400*2.5*32/25.4 16″x.134×1 4,300
UHD-S350 350*2.5*32/25.4 14″x.134×1 5,200
UHD-S300 300*2.2*32 12″x.118×1 5,800
UHD-S230 230*2.0*25.4 9″x.110×1 6,600
UHD-S180 180*2.0*22.23 7″x.110×7/8 8,600
UHD-S150 150*2.0*22.23 6″x.110×7/8 10,200




5″x.090×7/8 12,225
 UHD-S100 100*1.2*16 4″x.078×5/8 13,600


Cast iron, cast steel, angle steel, square steel, round steel, steel pipe, rebar, glass steel, reinforced concrete, fire prevention materials etc.


1. Fit for automatic, high power and high speed equipment, the comprehensive processing efficiency is increased by 3 times.

2. The overall life span is 80 times longer than resin one, can be continuous working, save the process interval time.

3. Safe, no crack pieces.

4. No dust, no smell,protect the environment.

5. Maintain the processing accuracy, no change in outer diameter.

6. Suits for various material, such as metal, stone, composite materials.